MASTER FREE MEMBERSHIP update 2016_06_24
MASTER FREE MEMBERSHIP update 2016_06_24


Who We Are

Food for Life is a not for profit charity. 

We aim to help you access low cost food while creating an enviroment where you feel welcome and cared for.

We source affordable groceries and then sell them to you at a reduiced cost.

Our $25 shopping trolley is filled each day with the freshest food that is available to make a real difference to you and your family.

Our $35.00 Fruit & Veg box has the freshest Fruit & Veg from the market.

Check out the low cost groceries, fridge, freezer, toiletries and much more.

Come and join the family at Food for Life today.


Murray & Julie 



Tuesday       9am - 3 pm

Wednesday 9am - 3pm

Thursday     9am - 3pm

Friday          9am - 3pm

Saturday       9am - 12pm