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Who We Are

Food for Life started in January 2012. It had been a dream of Julie for a number of years. It was when we heard a ladies story at the end of 2011, that Food for Life was born.  It is now a story we are all to farmilar with. The lady had paid her rent and electricity bill and was left with little money to buy food. After taking her to the supermarket and spending $180 on food, we realised, that there must be a better way to help families on an ongoing basis. Food for Life was the solution. An affordable supermarket where families or individuals could shop for groceries at an affordable price. 

We aim to continually add grocery lines at an affordable price, while running a place where people receive hope, support an encouragement for Life's journey.

In 2017 we moved to the Illawarra. We are currently working on being in new premises in the next few months offering hope to families in the Illawarra.

Our passion is to see struggling families transformed.

Come and join the Food for Life family today.

Murray & Julie Harris 



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