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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Food for Life?

Food for Life is a "Not for Profit" charity that helps people access affordable groceries.

FFL is an Illawarra based charity helping people on the South Coast.

Our dream is to see people access affordable groceries.

If people can save on the essentials like groceries, it then gives them the ability to have disposable money for the other essentials in life. 

Are the groceries brand new or donated?

Food for Life sources groceries from a major food charity in Sydney, who receive the groceries directly from manufacturers and major retail suppliers.  Much of this food would otherwise end up in landfill, so we are contributing to sustainability.  Some of the food may be close to its Best Before or Use by Date date, on date or just past date the Best Before date (see below for more info).  

Is the food still good to eat?

Yes it is!  We follow government guidelines regarding Use by and Best Before dates.  These key points of the guidelines state:

  • "Foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons should be marked with a use by date. Foods should not be eaten after the use by date and can’t legally be sold after this date because they may pose a health or safety risk."

  • "Most foods have a best before date... Foods that have a best before date can legally be sold after that date provided the food is fit for human consumption."

  • "Foods that have a shelf life of two years or longer do not need to be labelled with a best before date... as they may retain their quality for many years and are likely to be consumed well before they spoil."

Food such as fresh meat or frozen meals are frozen by us well before their Use By date.  This extends its shelf life, which allows us to offer a constant and varied supply of meals.  All meat and frozen meals should be consumed within 6 months of their frozen date.  We do not sell meat/frozen meals that has been frozen longer that 6 months.

Are the fruit and vegetables food rescue?

Our Fresh Bag is just that, "FRESH". Our fruit and vegetables come from Sydney markets.

The fresh is not food rescue!

What's in a hamper?

  • 4 to 5 main meals, (includes meat, meal kits, recipes for meal kits)

  • Groceries

  • Treats 

  • A Fresh fruit and veg bag

  • 1-2 loaves of Bread

Typical Supermarket Value $150+

Food for Life price $65

What could you do with an extra $100 a week?

How can I order and pay?

All the hampers are listed online.  When ordering online, you have the option to immediately pay by card or PayPal, or you can select the cash option and pay by cash or card on the day of your hamper collection.  

If you are having difficulty ordering online or do not have internet access, please call or message Murray on 0409020686 to process your order manually for you.  

How often can I shop?

You can shop as often as you need.

Is there a limit to the number of hampers I can purchase?

You can purchase as many hampers as you need!

We don't know your family situation so we are not going to tell you what you need in terms of groceries.

Where and what days are the collection hubs?


Unanderra - 1pm - 6.30pm - 56 Doyle Ave, Unanderra (Corner of Sylvester Ave)


Unanderra - 10am - 2pm - 56 Doyle Ave, Unanderra (Corner of Sylvester Ave)

Shellharbour - 5pm - 6pm - Stockland Shopping Centre Carpark - Cnr College and Benson Ave

(Enter via Benson Ave)

Kiama - 6.40pm-7.15pm - Kiama Baptist Church CARPARK, 3 Brown Street, Kiama


Fairy Meadow - 10am - 11am - Guest Park carpark Balgownie Road entrance (next to no. 3)

Bay and Basin - 3pm - 4pm - 20 Birriga Ave, Worrowing Heights

Nowra - 5pm - 6pm - Nowra School of Arts Carpark, Berry Street, Nowra (Next to Vinnies)


Unanderra - 10am - 2pm - 56 Doyle Ave, Unanderra (Corner of Sylvester Ave)

What is the latest time I can order?

Tuesday       - Unanderra: 6pm

Wednesday  - Unanderra: 2pm

                       - Shellharbour: 3pm

                       - Kiama: 3pm

Thursday    - Fairy Meadow: 8am

                      - Bay and Basin: Midday

                      - Nowra: Midday

Friday          - Unanderra: 2pm

More Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat function if you have any further questions!

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